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Explore our comprehensive security services, ensuring your peace of mind is our top priority.


Protecting What Matters Most

We aim to provide a customer-focused service that protects the integrity of the sites we are securing while enhancing the professional image of our customers.
All our staff are trained to the BS7858 standard to ensure the highest possible standard of service is provided.

Close Protection

We tailor this service to our client’s needs. With careful planning, we recommend a strategy to suit our client’s needs with the greatest attention to detail. Our team of experienced operatives will ensure that you are properly protected.

Event Security

There is no doubt that event security is among the most challenging tasks for both organizers and management. We offer reliable event security services with a team that operates a rigorous health and safety process to ensure that the environment for your event is safe and secure.

Retail Security

Security is a major concern for retail stores, which can be appealing targets for theft due to their open shopping format. While customers make their choices and pay before leaving, not all losses, known as ‘shrinkage,’ result from customer actions. Dishonest behavior by employees is also a significant factor in store losses.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols provide a regular and visible security presence at your location. Our security officers will arrive at your premises in a clearly marked security vehicle and conduct thorough patrols of critical areas of your building and grounds to verify that everything is secure. This ensures that potential vulnerabilities are routinely inspected and overall security is enhanced.

Construction Security

Our comprehensive security measures effectively manage access and prevent unauthorized entry across defined boundaries. Despite a decrease in construction site injuries and fatalities, we maintain a vigilant stance, recognizing the importance of ongoing diligence. Our feature-rich security solutions seamlessly integrate with your daily routines, providing a reliable and durable layer of protection for sites, properties, and equipment.

Corporate Security

As the corporate business sector continues to grow, ensuring profits and employee safety is paramount. With our extensive experience in corporate security, we offer a range of solutions. Our professional security guards, fully vetted and licensed, are also trained in first aid and can handle multiple responsibilities, from security duties to administration and janitorial tasks. 

CCTC Operator

Our committed security team combines their expertise with advanced technology to swiftly identify threats. We offer round-the-clock monitoring, threat detection, response assistance, and security guidance essential for thwarting malicious actions and enhancing your security readiness.

Dog Handling

We specialize in canine security/dog handling services. Our canine security teams are experts in threat detection and deterrence, providing you with unmatched security for your property or event. Whether you need security for a construction site, event, or property, we provide customized solutions for your peace of mind. 

Door Supervisor

Door supervisors are responsible for the safety and security of customers and staff in venues such as pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed premises or at public events. They spend most of their time at the premises’ entrance, checking the suitability of people coming in.

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